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Through the grapevine, here are some of the media mentions of The Savvy Host and our 8 Entertaining Essentials.

We thank these friends for their kind words and enthusiastic support!

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We helped the lovely Mrs. Bliss tee up Fall Entertaining with our checklist for a savvy host in Stress Free Fall Entertaining & a Giveaway.  We will continue to spend time with this lovely hostess and housewife through the Holiday Season - including participating in her Holiday Workshop along with other favorite new media publications! She shared the following with her readers...

...Each month in the run up to the end of the year, The Savvy Host will be popping over to grace us with the finer points of entertaining.  I met The Savvy Host on twitter, and continue to be amazed by the wealth of knowledge they have, their dedication to quality and their sheer passion for entertaining.  
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Back again for more with the creative culinary trio of Kelly, Molly and Caitlin, on their weekly "What's Hot Radio" show at 3pEST on 55KRC in Cincinnati! LISTEN IN!

We dished up a lively discussion about personal styles of entertaining - simple or elegant, budget or over-the-top, on-the-go or planned for weeks, special occasion or family gatherings.  Much fun was had!! Entertaining with Cooking with Caitlin holds a permanent place on our "What's Hot" list!!
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We had the pleasure of being the invited guest of host The Lonely Gourmet on the inaugural Foodie Friday Radio Show on BlogTalkRadio.  We chatted about what started The Savvy Host, about the 8 Entertaining Essentials, and about simple ideas for entertaining, concluding "it doesn't have to be Martha Stewart to have a good time".

Click HERE or on the button below to listen to the interview!

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What's Hot Radio with Cooking with Caitlin
What a treat to hear the enthusiastic support and accolades offered to The Savvy Host and SavvyHostMarket by the dynamic trio - Kelly, Molly and Caitlin - of Cooking with Caitlin on their weekly "What's Hot Radio" show at 3pEST on 55KRC in Cincinnati.

Three very savvy hosts in our opinion!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
The Daily Basics (April 2010)
Such a special treat to find ourselves the daily feature for the fabulously interesting The Daily Basics ~ they focused their once-a-day spotlight on The Savvy Host as a part of their story, How to Get Over the Fear of Entertaining at Home -

...If you've never really done more than serve pizza and beer while watching American Idol, then you might want to check out These girls have got the whole entertaining thing down to a science...  
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Nesting Newbies Magazine  (February 2010)
One of our favorite lifestyle publications!  

We contributed to their 1st BluebirdBag Giveaway (see pages 130-131) ~ a perfect opportunity to add to your home entertaining toolkit!  We also featured an array of SavvyHostMarket entertaining essentials in a full page spread on page 81.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Boca Raton Observer (December 2009)
~ in their media blitz article, Party People: Books That Inspire Fabulous Fetes, they pointed to our 8 entertaining essentials, offering-

The Savvy Host's party-throwing philosophy is simple...obvious enough.  But (their) book goes further, breaking down the act of entertaining into what it considers to be the eight essential elements to any successful event - then sets about the task of helping you address them.  

These merrymaking musts run the gamut from invitation essentials and menu planning to stylish tabletops and creating ambiance.  The book will inspire oodles of party ideas, be they for intimate dinners, big bashes or restaurant affairs,...
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~ talked to The Savvy Host about holiday entertaining trends for 2009 in their Holiday issue, Simple Holiday Party Prep.  We covered a wide array of holiday gathering details, but most greatly appreciated their supportive introduction-

...The range of selection when it comes to holiday products can be slightly overwhelming, so we touched base with Mary Spada and Jillian Haman, authors of Savvy Host: Eight Entertaining Essentials, to tap into some hot entertaining trends and clever get through the holidays on-budget and in-style...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Second City Soiree
~ pointed to the fabulous tabletop wares of SavvyHostMarket in the post, Berries in the Snow (February 2010), and then invited us to guest blog with our post Dining Decor to Celebrate Spring (May 2010).  We so enjoy Jen Luby's savvy hostess style and her impressive blog!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Thoughtfully Simple ~ Hostess Tori Tait is an excellent example of a truly Savvy Host, and her support and recognition has been greatly appreciated!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
FreeBirthdayTreats Blog (July 2009) ~ loves our TableTop-in-a-Box and special birthday offer for friends of The Savvy Host. A great blog & a creative concept!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Cocktails & Details: The Wedding Planner's Fabuluxe Blog  (July 2009) ~ in their blog post titled Become a Savvy Host, Fabuluxe noted: 

...Sometimes entertaining can be tough, stressful and nerve wracking. Enter: Savvy Host. In addition to swooning over their concepts (I love that their philosophy and approach is simple, that sharing a meal can be one of life's most enjoyable experiences) and following Savvy Host on Twitter, I have enjoyed seeing what they are doing with the entertainment market... 
~ Our thanks to Fabuluxe for the special attention and kind words!
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