08 April 2010

Must-Have Cooking Tools - Take 2

Back in our own kitchen in the frenzy of spring entertaining, we need to add to our list of Must-Have Cooking Tools with 3 additional items we treasure...

Cuisinart Elite Collection
14-Cup Food Processor
(1) Cuisinart Elite Collection 14-cup Food Processor ~ for quick shredding, mixing, and other food prep on the "QT", we rely on our Cuisinart.  And, did you notice the "14-cup" reference?  Tried for many years to work with the 9-cup and always ended up with overflow.  It's not that the full 14-cup capacity is always needed, but it's those times that you do that make it worthwhile....
BONUS - be sure to download their FREE Cuisinart Recipe Booklet for 71 pages of great entertaining menu ideas...don't be surprised if you get convinced you need the 20-cup model!  Price point ~ $299.00.

Epicurean 18x13-Inch Gourmet Cutting Board
(2) Epicurean Cutting Boards  ~ yes PLURAL!  Thanks to the great recommendations from the staff teaching a cooking course at Chicago's The Chopping Block, the Epicurean line of cutting boards has been a staple in our kitchen for over 5 years.  Easy to clean (they are dishwasher safe!), light-weight and in sizes/shapes to accommodate your workspace, it will be hard to remember how you managed cooking prep before they entered your kitchen.  We're planning to add a full range of Epicurean products - including Pizza Peels and some of their utensils ~ to SavvyHostMarket this Spring!  Price point ~ for example, the Kitchen Series ranges from $11.99-$34.99.

Le Creuset 3-1/2-Quart Round French Oven, Cassis
(3) Le Creuset French Ovens ~ again, yes PLURAL!  We put both the Round and Oval shapes to good use on the stove and in the oven.  Made of enameled cast iron, these heavyweights are perfect for braising lamb shanks ~ steaming mussels ~ making stew ~ slow-cooking chili ~ clambake.   Don't take our word for it ~ check out the list of recipes Le Creuset recommends for their enamel cast-iron.

Le Creuset Essential Enameled 5-Piece Cookware Set
We don't actually currently use a slow-cooker because our Le Creuset French Ovens - in 3 1/2, 5 & 5 1/2, and 9 & 9 1/2 quart sizes, Round & Oval - have protected our slow cooking so well for over a decade.  Tight-fitting lids seal in moisture and flavors so well, your recipes will impress you at how tender and delicious they turn out with no extra effort.  And, depending on your decor, all of their beautiful colors (we're partial to Cobalt Blue in our kitchen) go easily from kitchen to table for easy serving.  New colors just introduced include Cassis and Black Onyx (which we may have to add in a few select pieces...) Price point ~ range from $100 - $300+ (but they last forever!!)

Every Savvy Host has a few items that they must-have on hand for entertaining ~ we'd love to learn what your treasured favorites are...


the savvy host said...

Just read Streaming Gourmet's recipe for Vegetarian Chili - using the 5 quart Oval French Oven - check it out - looks delicious!

magi said...

Beautiful! Love the post.
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