20 June 2010

Father's Day - How Lucky We Are

With multiple gatherings scheduled on the family holiday tour today, just a quick note to share our perspective about Father's Day, and what we will be celebrating.

We like entertaining on Father's Day - it's a chance to focus extra special attention on the great men in our lives, and to appreciate their unique contribution as role model ... protector ... bread winner ... family leader ... referee ... counselor ... provider ... even comic relief ;-)

We are so fortunate to count so many exceptional men as a part of our family.  Godfathers, uncles, brothers, grandfathers, cousins, friends.  Each bringing forward qualities and characteristics that are the best "fatherly" attributes and influences.  Dads within the family - fathers within the community - leaders in our faith and culture.

Are the key men in your life and your family grillmasters, sports fanatics, techy wizards, golf geeks, foodies, motorcycle gurus, little league coaches, cigar afficionados, beermeisters or ...?

Today is an opportunity to let them know how much they mean to us, and what an influence they have had on our lives.

Don't miss this hallmarked day to share your appreciation with a breakfast, a backyard barbeque, a brunch buffet or a cold beer together!
Take some time to share a few memories and laughs with each of the unique Father figures in your life today - including those special men who are no longer with us, but who's influence carries forward in the character, personality and traditions of our lives.

Consider how lucky we are to count these extraordinary individuals as part of our families, and our lives.

Happy Father's Day!

(p.s. much love to you Pops!)

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