04 June 2010

Flower Power (enough to make you smile)

Following Mother's Day, into graduation season, adding in a few spring/summer birthdays, and you might be able to understand why we're under the spell of flowers.

Floral arrangements have always had such an impact - the colors, the perfume, the textures.  As we focus on getting back to basics in entertaining, using flowers in a creative ways seems to us to be a natural priority.

Flowers add value as a get well gift, a show of appreciation, to celebrate a special occasion or simply to brighten someone's day.  It has been a longstanding tradition to bring flowers to the host or hostess, and while flowers are not mandatory this basic guest etiquette is an important entertaining essential.

Flowers have also played a significant role in our entertaining decor throughout the home - not only on the dining table, but in the entranceway, in the guest bathroom, and accenting the dessert tray.

Take a look at some of the flower power we've been experiencing.

Quantity is not important - tall bud vases showcase the beauty of a single stem.

On a budget?

Added greens can create fullness in an arrangement.  Or mix a few flowers with items on hand such as ribbons, fruit or large candles to create a thematic arrangement.

We like the trend to use teacups, baskets, and other unusual serving pieces to hold the flowers rather than a traditional vase.

It's also interesting to introduce bulb or herb gardens into the floral theme along with more traditional cut flowers.
Potted or freshly cut - loose and scattered or formally arranged - monochromatic or a rainbow of color - the choices are yours to make.
If a picture is worth a thousand words, what do these gorgeous flowers say to you?

And, how might flowers help communicate your personal entertaining style?

Thanks for letting us share the flower power ~ hopefully leaving you with a smile!

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