15 June 2010

For the Love of Copper

Browsing some of our favorite foodie blogs, a shiny glint of metal caught our eye in David Lebovitz's post Cookware Shops in Paris.

Our love for copper in cookware includes All-Clad (shared in our recent post Must-Have Cooking Tools Take 3) and Mauviel ... our cooking benefits from the excellent conduction of heat from gas burners and our whipped egg whites find that magical "je ne sais quoi" when whipped in a copper bowl.

It was the warm twinkling of copperware from Paris gourmet gear star, E. Dehillerin - the Les Halles cookware specialty shop featuring Cuprinox Extra Thick copper pots and pans (pictured below).
But we'd like to share the beauty and elegance copper offers in another entertaining dimension - outside of the kitchen.

Old World Ambiance

In the home, copper provides a warmth and a glow.

Accenting a living space, or dining area, it brings to mind the great cities of Europe, or the spice markets of India, or an ultra industrial flair.  We like the use low rimmed trays to hold plants on a table, or copper urns and pots to display flower arrangements.

Savvy Serveware
We're partial to the elegance copperware bestows to an occasion - in barware, al fresco or simply to feature a favorite dessert.  SavvyHostMarket carries several distinctive copper pieces to meet the varied interests and targeted uses of Savvy Hosts across the country.

Parisienne patisserie trays with scalloped edges - Lionshead wine buckets or champagne tubs with regal details - or a tour de force of stacked copper trays in graduating sizes.

How better to serve Moules Frites?  Or to feature the specialty dessert Tarte Tatin (even if it arrived from the local bakery?)  We truly adore the  Old World detailing on traditional coffee service set (pictured below).

How to clean?

If you like the natural, eco-friendly approach, we recommend using lemon and salt.  Simply cut a lemon in half and pour salt on the cut side.  Rub vigorously on any of the tarnished areas.

We also find these products helpful and worth a try (along with sufficient elbow grease ;-)

Red Bear's Copper and Brass Polish - $8.50/6.33 oz. from Sur La Table
Bar Keepers Friend Liquid Cleanser - $4.50/26 oz from Sur La Table

Patina or No?

It's a personal style call - whether to let the copper age & weather with use, or to decide to show off the personality that evidences functionality and use.

Wikipedia defines Patina (pronounced pætənə/ or /pəˈtiːnə/) as a film on the surface of bronze or similar metals (produced by oxidation over a long period or by a chemical process); ... patina is a coating of various chemical compounds such as oxides or carbonates formed on the surface during exposure to the elements (weathering). Patina also refers to accumulated changes in surface texture and colour that result from normal use of an object such as a coin or a piece of furniture over time.

Displaying evidence of the enjoyable gatherings witnessed or facilitated by the functional copper serveware?  It's a valid choice.

Both choices have merit - let your personal entertaining style be the guide.

Do you share our copper passion?  What pieces are most meaningful to you in your entertaining?

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