25 September 2010

Entertaining a la Chicago Gourmet

Enjoyed a lively conversation at breakfast this morning.  Do you consider yourself a gourmet? Or an epicure?

An epicure is a person devoted to refined sensuous enjoyment 
(especially good food and drink).

And, a gourmet is a connoisseur of fine food and drink.

This savvy host confesses to likely being more of the first.  We are also open to adopting a gourmet-in-training title if appropriate educational sponsorship is available ;-)

What sparked this topic over espresso was our mouth-watering anticipation of the culinary extravaganza awaiting us this weekend at Chicago Gourmet. Yes, we'll be attending both Saturday and Sunday activities to unleash our inner epicurean (or should we say gourmet?).  Who knows the extent of fabulous entertaining creativity that just might be generated in this savvy host?  The possibilities are deliciously tantalizing ;-)

We'll be sharing what we find for upcoming good food gatherings - and will tantalize you with the recipes and preparations shared by favorite chefs and restaurateurs.  Experiencing interesting food and wine pairings - along with discovering new wine values - are high on our priority list of targeted accomplishments for the next two days.

What is Chicago Gourmet?
Photo courtesy of Millenium Park, City of Chicago
Presented by Bon AppetitChicago Gourmet is a world-class celebration of the city's rich culinary heritage, taking place in Millennium Park this weekend - September 24-26, 2010.

On the schedule are food, wine, spirits and beer tastings, celebrity chef demos, educational seminars, book signings and more.

An exclusive Grand Cru wine tasting is featured on Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday Highlights
Today (Saturday), our entertaining research priorities include good food preparations, recipe RAVES, wines we love, and signature cocktail inspiration from:

  • Luxury Guacamole Bar Cocktail Party - Rick Bayless, Frontera Grill/ Topolobampo/ XOCO
  • The Santa Margherita Great Taste Challenge
  • Late Summer Plates Kerry Simon, Simon at the Palms/ Simon LA
  • Steak and Eggs - Gale Gand, Tru Rick Tramonto, Tramonto's Steak and Seafood/ RT Sushi Bar & Lounge
  • Falling Into Autumn John Hogan, Keefer's Tony Mantuano, Spiaggia Thierry Rautureau, Rover's Restaurant/ Luc Restaurant 
  • Appetizing Appetizers Ted Allen, Food and Wine Ambassador for Robert Mondavi Private Selection  Jose Garces, Mercat a la Planxa
  • From The Prairie To The Table  Sarah Stenger and George Bumbaris, Prairie Fire/ Prairie Grass Cafe 
  • Taste of the Season Randy Zweiban, Province 
  • It takes Two - Expressions of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc & Pinot Noir
  • Mystery Mix: A Cocktail Competition with 5 of Chicago’s Top Mixologists:

Restaurant Research
Our field trip will also include culinary pit stops to review our favorite locations for entertaining on the town with these Chefs we Love:
We'll be tweeting delicious updates from the scene, along with other Chicago foodies.  If you're at Chicago Gourmet and see us wandering around - do say HI!

Not in Chicago today? You can follow @Chicago_Gourmet or use the #chigourmet - but ONLY if you think you can handle all of the culinary excitement, mouthwatering tweets, and hunger-inducing photos. (Remember, if your stomach growls, we're not responsible ;-)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Happy Saturday Entertaining!!


Jen @ SecondCitySoiree said...

So sad I can't attend...I even have a press pass! :( Please give a full report!

Style Attic said...

That is Tres interesting!! Love it, glad I stopped by :)

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