11 September 2010

Martini Fashion Night Out - Top Pick Accessories

Whether you prefer shaken or stirred - vodka or gin - Dirty, Apple, Chocolate or Cosmopolitan, it's a good idea to add a some serving savoir-faire to your pour of this classic cocktail.  In light of this month's Fashion Night Out celebrations, we thought a similar focus on how to fashionably accessorize your martini could be useful.

We're sharing some of our staff's top pick fashion accessories offering ideas to dress up that martini with a little savvy style tailored to your personal interests...

Let's start with the basic bar tools needed (aside from your choice of alcohol, ice and related ingredients).

Martini Bar Tools

Here are the 6 tools that will ensure martini makers of all styles are well-equipped:
  • Shaker (minimum 11 oz. can be stainless steel or glass)
  • Pitcher
  • Cocktail spoon
  • Jigger or Shot Glass
  • Knife
  • Glasses - martini or rocks (DOF)
Option 1 - Shaken, not Stirred

If your preference is shaken, not stirred, here are a few fashionable options to ensure you shake it up with style.

The bold metallic red of Swank's Dirty Martini Gift Pack....the animal-print-themed Cocktail Combo in Leopard - or Zebra...or a Sex and the City style Metro Martini Shaker (from our very own SavvyHostMarket)...there's a shaker style out there to suit your personal entertaining style.
Swank Dirty Martini Gift Pack
Cocktail Combo - Leopard
Metro Martini Shaker

Option 2 - Stir up in Style

Fusion Crystal Pitcher (lead-free)
Here are two options for martini stirring - one a perfect portrait in modern metal, the other offering a crystal clear approach.

Steelworks Pitcher

Up or On the Rocks?

Once you're ready to pour the potent libation, a more traditional glass may also come into play.

Fusion Rocks Glass, lead-free crystal
Whether you like fine crystal or a some glamourous sparkle, here are a few stylish choices.
Napa Vines Rocks Glass, lead-free crystal

Etoile Martini Glasses
Hope this fashion preview pick has provided a little inspiration for your entertaining.

As an added bonus, here are a few special Martini Resources that you might like to keep handy...

The Martini Diva - she offers that you can be a Master of the Martini with her tips - including downloadable recipe cards!  Follow her on Twitter - @PopArtDiva

Swank Martini Company - Are you Swanky? Do you prefer the finer, sexier things in life?  The Swank Martini Company is the premiere online resource for martini lovers everywhere.  Follow them on Twitter - @SwankMartini

Madtini.com - a Virtual Martini Party celebrating 60s Lounge Culture, the fine-craft of cocktails and amateur intoxicology.   Follow them on Twitter - @Madtini

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