08 September 2010

Splashes & Strokes of Modern Color...a Tabletop Tale

Adding color can be bold stroke or a subtle splash...to mix it up a little, we like the idea of introducing elements of color into our tabletop d├ęcor. 

The color choice focus for building these contemporary tabletop environments included turquoise, cobalt blue, lime green, and purple.  

We threw out traditional settings  and formats, and tried pulling together the colorful elements in creative ways to highlight and accent our settings.  Splashes and strokes of thematic colors....
Using our collection of Salzburg Etched Glassware as bud vases and water glasses, we added Bormioli’s Tulip BowlsConfetti Glass Appetizer Plates, and Sorgente Glassware to mix and match textures and to contrast the color scheme.

Stimulate your tabletop imagination by playing with similar types of dishware and glassware elements to create different ways to highlight your favorite color.

1 comment:

Lindsay @ hlsd said...

I love these place settings! So chic & colorful, but still so simple :)

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