11 October 2010

Discussing Good Food Pantry Essentials with Robyn Webb

Have to introduce you to the delightful and ever-so-savvy Robyn Webb, and her blog, Fabulous Food Finds.

Her creativity in cooking - her knowledge of nutrition - and healthful food preparation - have been a go-to resource for our entertaining.

We have the pleasure of discussing Good Food Pantry Essentials with Robyn today as a featured guest on her blog, Fabulous Food Finds.

Following the wisdom shared by Julia Child, 

you don’t have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces – just good food from fresh ingredients

we explore 12 essential pantry items to have on hand to play up the freshest of ingredients, ensuring the mouth-watering success of many Good Food Gatherings.

Special events and occasions may require party themes, and decorations to match, but a good food gathering is about entertaining at its most basic.  These are the meals we pull together to provide good cuisine, and something to wet the whistle, allowing the time to share laughs and life with those gathered at our table.

Good Food Gatherings can include impromptu business dinners or family weekend lunches or unexpected friends dropping by during the week. 

Jump over to Fabulous Food Finds - and take note of the 12 pantry staples we prioritized as key to our menu planning and to playing up the freshest of ingredients available each season.  Did we miss any of your favorites?  Please SHARE!

Quite a few interesting food friends - new and old - will also be joining Robyn this week.
  • Emma Sirling, is the editor of the scoop on nutrition, and based in down-under Australia.  With over 17 years experience as an Accredited Practising Dietitian she is passionate about bringing you accurate, credible and user-friendly nutrition advice. 
  • And, Chef Robin White, of delicious #soupweek fame this month all across Twitterville, will also be chiming in with some of her delicious ideas regarding fresh & local good food.

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Mary this is just too fab! Great post!

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