01 November 2010

Chatting with Housewife Bliss: Entertaining & Crowd Control

We're back with the very charming Housewife Bliss swapping stories and ideas for holiday entertaining - this time we're sharpening our hosting toolkit to address CROWD CONTROL - aka. Large Group Entertaining.

By way of introduction - do you know our dear Mrs. Bliss?  Well, you should!  She's our GO-TO savvy source for all things nesting - offering a sophisticated perspective on the what she terms as "the delights of a modern traditionalist housewife".  We call it savvy home management - and no matter what else you may manage in your life, her tips will help you keep the home front free from  stressful intrusions!

Interestingly, we found ourselves most recently comparing notes, tips & tricks for hosting large groups.

You might remember that one of our recent Foodies' Night In (FNI) programs focused on Family-Style Gatherings.  Along with co-hosts, Cooking with Caitlin, Mrs. Bliss joined the discussion as a Guest Expert, and together with our famed community of foodie enthusiasts, we worked through long-held anxieties about how to host large groups - whether for Thanksgiving, Sunday brunch, or a last-minute weeknight collection of friends.  Please do take a look at the results!

This sparked an interest in delving a little more deeply into the topic, and The Savvy Host was more than happy to oblige.

Take a peek at The Savvy Guide to Large Group Entertaining - and it's okay if you need a good glass of wine in hand to feel comfortable braving the topic ;-)

Let us know what you think - and please do give our best regards to Housewife Bliss when you drop by!!

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