10 January 2011

Kicking off a Health-FULL 2011 with #FNIchat

How's your pantry? Ours still holds remnants of preparing too many batches of holiday cookies, so many snacks for those last-minute drop-in guests, and enough fixings to make a few amazingly over-the-top GoodFood Gatherings...

We're shifting gears now that the new year is in swing.  We're looking at getting back to a more healthy regime in our kitchen and our pantry.

Where to begin?

(1) Savvy Resources

There are so many interesting and information references available for a healthy lifestyle - the problem is cutting through the wishful thinking and hype, to find the really good insights. Here are five exceptional references that might just get the creative (& ever-so-healthy) juices flowing for you:

(2) Foodies' Night In (FNI) 

Today was a blast - so many amazing participants and hundreds of delicious ideas!  For those that were ready, today's Foodies' Night In program, Healthy Pantry, Healthy Kitchen was a fast-paced exchange, chock-FULL of fabulous tip sharing covering nourishing ideas for cooking up a delicious 2011.

We explored and fiercely examined such issues as:

  • The GOOD fats – what is best for flavor and nutrition? Are you Team Margarine or Team Butter? EVOO anyone?
  • Which sweeteners work best for #cooking vs. #coffee? Nutrition pros and cons?
  • Cooking tactics – what techniques keep meals healthy and delicious? Fave kitchen tool or housewares?

It was a quick jump into the deep end of the information pool on the topic, but what a stimulating way to get into the groove pronto!

Don't know about FNI? Hosted weekly online on Twitter as #FNIchat, we share the expertise of special invited guests each week, along with wonderful sponsors. Exchanging recipes, cooking tips, serving suggestions, and even a few SECRET ingredients are the least you can expect from our animated program. (AND, there are special party favors (aka GIVEAWAYS) each week...read on for details...)

Turn your Monday into the most DELICIOUS day of the week by pulling up a chair and joining us for FNI. It's a scrumptious way to start the week!

Mark your calendar!! 
Foodies’ Night In (FNI) hosted by @SavvyHost and @CookingwCaitlin 
Mondays, 4-6pm ET and 3-5pm CT 
weekly on Twitter with hashtag #FNIchat

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Wishing you and yours a health-FULL 2011!

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