12 July 2010

Dull conversations? NOT at MY parties!

Consider this your lucky day!  An all-time favorite weapon of The Savvy Host to prevent boring, dull discussion at any entertaining occasion is being made available to one very special reader.

A MUST-have for entertaining, TableTopics are packaged sets of specific questions to help elevate the status of your next party from ho-hum to happening.  We've been fans of these creative little cards for years!  They are perfect savvy host helpers to break the ice and encourage lively - and often VERY provocative - conversations.

As all savvy hosts know, the main course in entertaining isn't really about the food or the wine.  It's the sharing of ideas, laughter, and life between and among guests and host.  How you handle this critical part of your entertaining can make or break an otherwise perfect gathering!  We are thankful to TableTopics for coming to the rescue on more than one occasion!

About the Giveaway

TableTopics, in conjunction with The Savvy Host, has selected two (2) very special sets of their TableTopics Cubes (retail value $25/set) to giveaway to ONE lucky winner.  Each set of 135 unique question cards is packaged in an elegant 4" acrylic cube, and will be shipped directly to the winner.
(1) Not Your Mom's Dinner Party edition
There's the dinner party that your mom would throw, and then there's YOUR kind of dinner party. These provocative questions are guaranteed to get your party started with conversations as spicy as the food you serve. If you're not the chef, it's a perfect host or hostess gift too! No more boring dinner parties or uncomfortable moments with these ice breakers. This set of conversation starters is filled with questions your mother told you not to ask, but you just can't resist asking them anyway.
  • Would you rather be addicted to gambling or food?
  • What habit would you like to break?
  • What alcohol can you never drink again?
(2) Gourmet edition
Ahh, the pleasures of good food, good wine and interesting conversation! Use these food and wine themed conversation starters to engage friends over wine and cheese, spice up a four-course meal or as a delightful gift for a deserving "foody" friend. It's called Gourmet but it's not stuffy in any way. From questions about your favorite comfort foods, the best barbecue and nouvelle cuisine, it's all in there. It makes the perfect gift for the perfect host or hostess.
  • what's the most impressive meal you've ever cooked
  • which celebrity chef would you most like to fix you a meal
  • do you have any treasured handwritten recipes
  • what's your favorite way to eat chocolate
  • what food festival would you love to attend
  • what's your favorite knife

How to Enter
To be entered to win, simply follow EACH of these steps.
  1. Follow @SavvyHost and @TableTopicsInc on Twitter.
  2. Like TableTopics Inc. and The Savvy Host on Facebook.
  3. (IMPORTANT) Confirm you've completed #1 and #2 by leaving a comment to this blog below.
  4. Confirm your enthusiasm for making great table talk happen with TableTopics by Tweeting the following:
No DULL conversations at MY parties! I'm entered to win the @TableTopicsInc #giveaway from @SavvyHost http://bit.ly/99FgJk!

Deadline for entries is this Friday, 16 July, at 4p EST.  The winner will be announced on Essentially Entertaining, Twitter and Facebook by close of business on Friday, 16 July.

A random winner will be selected from all eligible entries.  Eligibility determined by completion of all 4 steps.  Shipping destination of the prize is limited to the United States and Canada. 

In addition to the public announcement, the winner will be notified directly through both Facebook message and Twitter DM (direct message).

Thanks to TableTopics, you can be the "Talk of the Block" with this fantastic giveaway!


Coryanne Ettiene | Kitchen Living with Coryanne said...

great giveaway! I just adore those cubes.

Elizabeth Hubbartt said...

Table Topics are the best - definitely an entertaining essential.

Jeremy said...

Love it! Favorited both!

Monica said...

Completed # and #2! and I love this idea, Savvy host! I'm already a fan of tabletopics and it is fantastic!! I enjoy hosting parties or helping other friend's parties plus making different type of foods and always make sure there are tonsss of foods! :)

ella said...

Following both on twitter.


ella said...

Tweeted yesterday. http://twitter.com/ellaanachronism/status/18353956921

ella said...


Kelly said...

I have completed #1 and #2 and #4 - here is the link to my Tweet: https://twitter.com/home#search?q=commkel

Candy said...

I adore TableTopics - the boxes, everything!

ella said...


The Hip Hostess said...

Huge Fan and Follower of TableTopics... Would love the Not your Mom's Dinner Party edition.

SDugas said...

These would be fabulous fun with both family and friends. What a fun idea!

the savvy host said...

Congratulations Kelly! You are the lucky winner of the TableTopics giveaway!

There will be no DULL conversations at your parties!!

Best wishes from all of us at The Savvy Host.

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