21 September 2010

Geometry in Dining Decor | TableTop Tuesday

Circles...squares...angles...curves...there's something contemporary and yet ever-so-classic about playing with geometric shapes in creating place settings.  Must admit we it find so visually compelling!

For this week, we're sharing a quick lesson in geometry.  We did our homework building two different tabletop ideas for recent gatherings.

Squares in crystal - incl. Fusion Bowl- are a geometric study in elegance.
Consider this interesting point-of-view about the significance of geometry in design ~

The essence of all shapes whether in nature or design stems from mathematics. It is a well known fact that embedded within every structure there is basic math or numbers. Simple numbers or shapes relate to each other in harmonious patterns. Just notice the replication of shape in the nautilus shell or how tile on a floor that has different shapes can mesh together. These shapes align to the simple numbers (1 through 10) and speak a symbolic language that is so profound that all of nature contains it. 
--Mary Jane Kasliner, Sacred Geometry in Home Decor: Apply The Symbolic Language of Nature to Interior Design  Suite 101

Munich Napkin Rings add a strong square central to the setting.
Take a look and see whether your tabletop taste connects with our lines and dots ;-)

Playing up the angles against the square pattern of the Monaco Runner
We're very interested in how you would highlight geometry in your tabletop decor - and whether there's an angle in our ideas to enhance your personal entertaining style.

Angular metalware atop black, and an octagonal shape of the Etoile Napkin Ring


cynthia - thedailybasics.com said...

That is so updated Deco and I absolutely love it. You can put that on ANY table, traditional or modern. So cool! Thanks!

Kelly Frances Dunn said...

All the finishes as so rich and luxurious! Love them all and I have a passion for anything deco for sure :) Niiiiice. XO, Kelly

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