14 September 2010

Zebra Drama | Tabletop Tuesday

Drama has a way of shifting your perspective on life...so after a little drama this week (yes already) involving a police report but thankfully no injuries, we were not exactly in a fun-loving mood trying to pull together a table to impress some old friends for a Monday night dinner party.

Zebra to the rescue!!

Just enough drama in the pattern of black & white to accent the table...complemented by a splash of red in the sparse, modern red berried-branches.

Using our bright white dinnerware (thanks to Cost Plus!), black leather placemats (gift to us), and modern party flatware we had on had, we added Safari Appetizer Plates in Zebra as the accent plate, and used two Classic Glass Ice Buckets in Zebra as our centerpiece foundation for our table of six.  For lighting we used our Vera Wang Vesta Hurricanes with small votive candles.  Bormioli stemware (a dinnerparty staple) was used for the wine.

A small breeze of inspiration (likely from the glass of ZD Chardonnay we decided was needed a little before traditional happy hour) triggered the idea to use tall etched shot glasses (we used our Salzburg Aperitif Glasses in frosty white) as the base for a vertical napkin fan highlighted by a Munich Napkin Ring.

Zebra - never boring - always bold - sometimes to the point of overwhelming when it's not tethered with some neutral elements to offset the pattern.

For those that love animal prints, this may be too sedate.  (Apologies!) But for those who are inclined to keep the drama reined in...we think this tabletop shows off the Zebra in a wonderful, fairly effortless, way.

Now that we've shared our approach to Zebra...are you willing to share yours?

Happy Entertaining!


Kelly Frances Dunn said...

I think zebra is here to stay! I love it as a rug for the floor :)

Jennifer (Savor) said...

Saw lots of Zebra on nate berkus show today as well

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