01 September 2009

Monki-ing around is good for entertaining!

Because cooking is more fun when shared...We couldn't agree more!  And after spending some time getting acquainted with Kitchen Monki, we've decided a little "Monki" business is good for every savvy host.

Kitchen Monki's site offers a great resource for "managing recipes, shopping lists and menu planning" - including the creation of one-click shopping lists from recipes, a calendar for scheduling meals, and a recipe search tool by name, ingredients, time to cook & "banana" ratings.

For last minute entertaining, try out the Quick Meal Planner.  Simply answer a few quick questions (e.g. "What meal?", "Time limit?", "For how many?"...) and Kitchen Monki provides a list of recipe options for the meal.  Take a quick preview of the recommendations, and then select which recipes to use.  Once selected, Kitchen Monki prepares the shopping list (by category) in an easy-to-read and print format.

Kitchen Monki is getting rave reviews from more than The Savvy Host.  Just published today for example, "No Need to Monkey Around: Monki lends a hand" (CNET) applauds the easy access via mobile phone or through existing Facebook accounts.

If you are so inspired, you can share your own recipes and become a "Top Monki".  With almost 1000 recipes to choose from (as of today), we were impressed with the quality and creativity of the recipes already shared.  From Confused Chicken Panzanella to Bacon Fried Chicken to James Bond Martini, you'd be surprised what you might discover.

If you haven't already, swing over to Kitchen Monki and take a preview.  Their recipe management & menu planning tools could save you lots of time ~ and more than a little sanity!

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