03 September 2009

tips for entertaining out

Sharing a no-fail "entertaining out" option with our savvy host friends...
Consider taking friends or business colleagues to one of the numerous wine-dinners at local restaurants.  These organized evenings typically include four (often more) courses of the restaurant's specialities, paired with the featured winemaker's selections.  With the meal and the wine selected, more attention can be paid to good conversation and sharing life.

We've noted these events at restaurants in our area to be priced as low as  $60/person including the food and wine.  Certainly, the more exclusive the restaurant, the more expensive the wine, the more expensive the price per person.  

We recently participated in a Sonoma Cutrer wine dinner at The Clubhouse in Oakbrook, Illinois ~ the fantastic meal is detailed in the menu card, along with the amazing wines from our beloved Sonoma Cutrer.  NOTE:  we are on a quest to find a case (or 2!) of their Pinot Noir...unforgettable introduction... This dinner was $80/person (but hey, did you see they were serving Les Pierres??).  A similar 4-course dinner coming up in September is $70/person.

As restaurants continue to create delicious reasons to visit them again (& again), you might be surprised to find such a wine event at your favorite dining out location.   Consider it a great reason for scheduling an evening out with friends (and if there is Sonoma Cutrer Pinot Noir involved, we'll likely see you there...)

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