23 September 2009

Pasta ~ that's Amore!

Maybe it's our italian heritage, or maybe it's because of the easy preparation...but we have an ongoing love affair with pasta in all its styles, flavors and variations. Lasagna for a big family gathering, pasta puttanesca or penne alla vodka for dinner guests, spaghetti & meatballs for comfort food...we truly haven't met a pasta dish we didn't like or couldn't find a use for, especially in these budget-conscious times.

Imagine our delight in discovering the tantalizing "Pasta Perfection" from Saveur.  19 amazingly delicious preparations making it extremely difficult to choose which should be made first (maybe make them all? anyone interested in joining us for dinner?).

Some of our favorites from Saveur's list:
  • Pasta Carbonara from Mario Batali - "A true carbonara has no cream, and it can be slightly tricky in its execution. The key is to toss and thoroughly mix the cooked pasta off the heat with the cheese, eggs, pepper, and pasta water, to create a creamy yet not overly thick sauce." 
  • Shrimp Scampi - "Purists may note that this Italian-American specialty isn't really scampi (Adriatic crayfish)—but as its name promises, it really is shrimp cooked scampi-style."
  • Trenette with Pesto"Trenette, so-called because they're thought to resemble train tracks, are a Ligurian version of linguine."
  • Orecchiette with Broccoli Rabe - "Italian sausage (can be) added to this pasta."
  • The Original Fettucine Alfredo - "Mixing the ingredients on a warmed platter will help them melt quickly to make a satiny sauce. For the best results, use dried pasta, which doesn't break as easily during tossing as fresh egg pasta does."
Try one or try them all ~ we won't tell!  But please share your favorites ;-)

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