17 April 2010

Best of the Web - Top 10 Recipe Resources

I want to make xxx - where will I find the best recipe for it? ~ I've lost my favorite recipe for xxx, is there somewhere online to compare alternatives to see what comes close? ~ What's the best way to find recipes that use xxx ingredient? ~ It would be great to plan my dinner party menu, and immediately have a shopping list in hand - which sites do this?

To answer these questions, and more like them, we're offering up our Top 10 list of the most comprehensive recipe resources online.  They are essential tools when there's a cooking component to our entertaining - kind of like "foodie encyclopedias" to turn to for efficient and effective recipe resourcing.

This top ten list is, of course, subject to change based on what happens in planning our next dinner party, brunch gathering or luncheon ;-)

Almost all include the "make a shopping list" feature, you can build an online list of your favorite recipes (to avoid searching again & again), and if you still like to see what you're cooking in print on the counter, each has options for the layout and size for printing recipes.

A quick note - over time, we've noticed that some of these sites appear to be shifting towards paid subscriptions, and may be limiting free access to their recipes.  While this doesn't change the value of the recipes available, it's understandable that a fee may impact your interest in accessing their site.

  1. Cook's Illustrated Recipes - Foolproof Recipes, Menus & Best Cooking 
  2. Cookstr - the best recipe collection on the web - all from the world's most acclaimed chefs and cookbook authors
  3. Epicurious.com - Recipes, Menus, Cooking Articles & Food Guides
  4. Fine Cooking - quick recipes, ingredients guide, how-to videos and community
  5. Food Network - Easy Recipes, Healthy Eating Ideas and Chef Recipe Videos
  6. Foodista - the cooking encyclopedia anyone can edit
  7. Kitchen Monki - your favorite cooking utensil. Plan, Shop, Share (see our 2009 blog post, Monki-ing around is good for entertaining!
  8. Project Foodie - serving the foodie lifestyle
  9. Recipezaar - the most complete collection of free recipes on the Internet...
  10. Simply Recipes - acclaimed by Time Magazine as a "great resource for cooks".

We'd love your feedback about how useful you found these sites to be - and, if we are missing one of your favorites, please share!!

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