31 December 2010

Highlight of 2010? Small acts of kindness...

The smallest act of kindness is worth more 
than the grandest intention.
Oscar Wilde

2010 was full of new friends, interesting encounters, creative collaborations, stimulating challenges, and ... a few hard bumps in the road!

Leaving the most meaningful impression throughout the excitement and chaos?  The kindness and hospitality we've experienced along the way...so many little moments of delight and pleasant surprise.  How lucky we have been...and we are!

Tomorrow we will share a list of top-tier savvy hosts we plan to rely for our entertaining lifestyle in 2011.  These will be special personalities and brands adding value to your savvy hosting for the many good food gatherings and celebrations to come in the next year.

For tonight, perhaps there's still enough time to add a few additional small acts of kindness to the history that will be 2010 by tomorrow morning.

Who knows? Maybe the ripple effect of a little action this evening on each of our parts will go a long way to securing a very happy new year for us all...

Thank you for your kindness in 2010 - and very warm wishes for a wondrous 2011!  

Happy New Year!!

1 comment:

Style Attic said...

Happy New Entertaining Year to you!! AWESOME music :)

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