12 December 2010

Seasonal Hospitality: Ch. 2 - Cooking with Caitlin (& Bacon!)

This next example of Seasonal Hospitality is a very delicious one indeed!

Do you know this team of fun foodie professionals - Cooking with Caitlin - who we are so pleased to partner with for Foodies' Night In (#FNIchat) every Monday?

If this is your first introduction to this dynamic team of charming culinary creatives, here's how they describe who they are and what they do:

Our goal is to be the online face of choice for all of your culinary needs. As we continue to turn to our computers for answers and entertainment, we realized the need for a fun site that is easy to navigate and that provides delicious recipes with corresponding video snippets (so you actually know what you are supposed to be doing). Not to mention recipes that are easy to make with ingredients that actually are easy to find. It is our great hope that the future brings you back to our site – daily, even – to see what is new and stay on the culinary cutting edge.

Molly, Kelly and Caitlin of  Cooking with Caitlin represent true hospitality, and a spirit of gracious entertaining, on so many levels. To whet your appetite, we're going to highlight a few:
  • As current co-hosts (and original creators) of Foodies' Night In, these gals (skipping along with The Savvy Host) guide a widespread foodie community along a weekly course of discussion and sharing all around the topic of FOOD.  Always armed with a sense of humor, and a ton of foodie 411, they are ready to greet the FNI guests with a smile. We are always impressed by their energy and enthusiasm, helping to make the two hour program sail by ever-so-quickly, leaving only a rumbling that signals how hungry you are from all the chatter!
  • Sharing cooking skills, recipes and online food preparation techniques, the style of Cooking with Caitlin is warm, approachable, and full of smiles.  They offer a multi-faceted perspective on each recipe or menu that they are sharing - from Caitlin's formal culinary training to Kelly's family-oriented and ever-so-witty curiosity to Molly's hostess-on-the-town grace - you feel welcome in the kitchen with your questions and apron in hand.  Take a peek at their program looped in below, Bakin' Bacon, for Cincinnati.com, and enjoy their effervescent style first-hand.
  • Kelly
  • Together the trio host What's Hot Radio on 55KRC in Cincinnati every Sunday.  Take a listen to their podcasts, and you'll experience the fine skills of gracious hospitality as they welcome each week's guests, and delve into the specialty topics highlighting why each guest is special, and each topic significant to listeners.
Top-tier hostesses that they are, Molly, Kelly and Caitlin are generous with their time, open to sharing their ideas as well as hearing yours, and seek to learn something interesting about each guest or stranger who crosses their path. Fascinating new developments lie ahead resulting from all of the wonderful acquaintances they've made - a direct outcome of the exceptional hospitality they've shared.

At the close of 2010, and in the midst of this holiday season, we are ever-so-thankful to have been introduced to - and had a chance to work with - the special talent and gracious style of Molly, Kelly and Caitlin of Cooking with Caitlin

Get a taste of their extraordinary hospitality this season!! Follow them on Twitter - @cookingwcaitlin.

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